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Collins stared at the sobbing youngster for a few moments with her hard gray eyes and spat, “I can see that a demonstration is in order, so if you'll stop bawling I'll show you what a well built woman should be wearing!” Both mother and daughter then sat gape jawed while the stern mistress began removing her own clothes! When she was finally down to her bra and panties, Carla Collins offered, “Now this is the type of bra Britt should be wearing at all times, it is under wired and definitely designed to handle even the largest chest, and as for my panties, you can plainly see that I'm wearing a tiny thong bikini but not one strand of hair is to be seen!!!” Both Joanne and Britt stared at the incredibly muscular woman, and just as she was about to comment, Carla Collins slipped off her bra, and within only a matter of several seconds, she reached down and shoved her tiny panties down around her ankles, exposing one of the fattest pussies either of them had ever seen in their lives!!! It was Britt who gasped at the sight of Carla's oversized organ, and it wasn't just her full lips that had shocked her young eyes, but also a gigantic clit that stood out obscenely between the folds of her labia, practically begging to be sucked by anyone who was available!!!

“You were saying,” Carla asked Britt softly!?! “Uh, nothing,” Britt stammered, “it's just that I've never seen anything quite like it before, I mean your clitoris is much bigger that anything I've ever seen. Carla Collins calmly stood in front of her mother and after sighing deeply, took the stunned woman's head in her hands and guided her mouth to her gaping sex while ordering, “Okay, bitch, now take care of Carla's big clitty for her, suck it, and I mean fucking now!!!”

Britt had never seen the look that was on her mother's face at that very moment, whether it was resignation or revulsion, she couldn't be quite sure, but whatever it was couldn't save her from towering blonde with the huge chest and the bionic cunt, because seconds later her mouth was attached to Carla's yawning mow and sucking her for all she was worth!!! “Your mama has a nice tongue,” Carla moaned softly to Britt, “we're gonna have to make this a weekly exercise, she comes to my office and sucks me off, just like the hot mouthed whore that she is!!!” Britt hated hearing her mother referred to as a whore, but watching her slurp and suck the big dyke's overheated pussy was creating a fury in her own loins that was now becoming impossible to hide!!! Carla had taken one of her own big boobs and was sucking it intently while Joanne worked her tongue up and down her super engorged clit, and just seeing her mother's lips pressed against her teacher's cunt was more than she could take, so without a moment's hesitation she began furiously fingering her hairy pussy like a sex crazed maniac out of control!!! Joanne caught a glimpse of her daughter burying three fingers into her drooling snatch, and although she was trying to fight the feeling, watching her daughter masturbate while she orally satisfied the big titted blonde was driving her absolutely up the fucking wall!!!

“Look at your little girl, slut,” Carla said through clenched teeth, “she's jerkin' her fucking pussy like there's no tomorrow, it's just mother like daughter I always say, now suck me harder bitch!!! Joanne was in such a state of sexual arousal that she slid her hand up under her skirt and began masturbating like a maniac.

Hentai: Erotic image assing of the bath

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