Culote Mokushungiku – Utawarerumono

They appeared en masse, cumming and pissing all over blonde bombshells begging for more. This is about math and teachers dammit!

A niggling thought persisted in the back of my mind that this could still be an elaborate setup.

Hentai: (C63) [Hyoujou Oukoku (Minaduki Haruka)] Mokushungiku (Utawarerumono)

Mokushungiku 1Mokushungiku 2Mokushungiku 3Mokushungiku 4Mokushungiku 5Mokushungiku 6Mokushungiku 7Mokushungiku 8Mokushungiku 9Mokushungiku 10Mokushungiku 11Mokushungiku 12Mokushungiku 13Mokushungiku 14Mokushungiku 15Mokushungiku 16Mokushungiku 17Mokushungiku 18Mokushungiku 19Mokushungiku 20Mokushungiku 21

(C63) [氷上王国 (水月悠)]木春菊(うたわれるもの)

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