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She wanted to watch him fuck me for a few minutes before I fucked her so I got on my hands and knees and handed her a bottle of lube, and told her to lube up my hot pussy for him! That turned her on as she squirted lube on my ass and then rubbed it in with her fingers! I moaned as she slid her fingers into me and started fingering my hot man-pussy! It really felt good! Finally the guy said: “Get your fingers out of that hot pussy I'm ready to fuck it!”

She pulled her fingers out of me and he slid his thick, 8 inch cock into me! I moaned like a little horny slut being satisfied! As he slowly started pumping his awesome cock deep into me she started fingering herself. Over here I moaned and through moans I said: “Bring that hot little pussy over here in front of me an I'll suck it for you!”

She slid over in front of me and spread her sexy legs, I buried my face in her crotch and licked her hot pussy like a thirsty dogs laps up water! It was good, it was real good! She cum 3 times as I licked, and sucked her hot pussy! Then she got on her hands and knee and slid under me so I could slide my cock into her wet, juicy pussy!

I was pounding her hot pussy as her friend pounded my hot ass! It was a great time! When he started cumming deep inside of me I couldn't help but let my loaded balls empty themselves into her hot pussy! It was a good time for sure!

After he pulled out of me and I pulled out of her I went down on her and licked her hot pussy clean as the guy watched.

Hentai: [Azuma Hideo] Hizashi [English] [Gantz_Waitingroom]

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