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Dear Landri, Remember when I told you how it can be fun to get one's bum spanked!?! Well, I hafta tellya what happened to me last weekend!!! Andy and I went out for the evening, dinner and dancing at a club, you know, loud music and lots of drinking!?! Well, I guess I had a little to much to drink and before I knew it had snubbed Andy and started dancing with a hunky bloke from Eton!!! I must tell ya, hon, I was pretty smashed and feeling absolutely no pain!!! I had to go pee really bad, and when I was just coming out of the lady's loo, there was Andy with a stern look on his face!!! I tried to push past him, but he grabbed me by the arm and led me out the back door and practically threw me into his Mini!!! I was swearing up a storm and trying to get out of the auto, but he just held me in place with one hand and drove with the other, and the next thing I knew, we were stopping in a deserted part of a park!!! Without saying a single word, Andy pulled me from the front seat and dragged me over to a park bench!!! I was pretty drunk, but I knew that I was in trouble!!! He sat down on the bench and pulled me down over his lap!!! You're not gonna believe what happened next, cuz he pulled up my dress and pulled off my knickers!!! The cool air hit my bare bum while I was still struggling to get away!!! The first smack on my bare bottom stunned me into submission, and from then on I just lay quietly and let him give me nineteen more hard ones!!! My bum was practically screaming in pain, but unbelievably, my puss was just dripping!!! After he was done with his spanking, he softly caressed my burning bum while once in a while running a finger into my pussy!!! Oh, my, I was a real hotty, let me tell you, cuz all at once I had a craving to suck some pecker!!! I scrambled off his lap, pulled out his wanger, and sucked him off into my mouth!!! Afterwards I begged him to forgive me, and I guess he did, because he returned the favor and used his mouth on my dripping slit!!!

Anyway, don't be to quick to judge it unless you've tried it!!! Love ya, Maggie

Dear Mags, Got you letter and read it with more than a little excitement!!! Reading it made my pussy get damp right away!!! You'll never guess what happened to me last week!!! My mom has a job and doesn't usually get home until five in the afternoon, so sometimes I'll bring Roy up to my room and let him suck my boobs until he gets good and worked up, and then I always take him in my mouth and suck him!!! For a change of pace I decided to model some lingerie, you know, bras and panties, giving him a real eyeful!!! He had his cock out and was jerking it slowly while watching me take my undies on and off!!! Let me tell ya, they love seeing a woman take off her bra!!! But that isn't the wild part of this story, later that night my mom came into my room and sat down on the edge of my bed and told me that she had gotten home early and just by accident had seen Roy and I!!! She said she was glad that we weren't doing it yet and that Roy looked like he had a beautiful cock!!! I was so embarrassed!!! She then started asking me all sorts of questions about how he tasted and if he came really hard in my mouth!!! Then she really got weird, she asked me if my nipples got hard just from seeing and touching his pecker!!! I had to admit that they did, and then, she slipped her night gown off of her shoulders and showed me her breasts!!! She has really big boobs, and her nipples were hard as a rock!!! I was just laying there frozen, I'm already eighteen, but even so, when my mom speaks I usually listen to her!!! Anyway, she pulled back my covers and just as casually as you please, lifted up my nightie and checked out my nipples!!! They were just as hard as hers were!!!

With her top off, she got up and went over to my dresser and pulled out a bunch of my bras and tossed me a couple and both of us began trying them on for each other!!! I wear a 36d, but mom's are 38dd, so her boobs just spilling out over the top, barely covering her nipples!!! She started asking me more questions about Roy, mostly about his cock!!! She asked me how long it was and if I got wet when I sucked on him!!! By now, I could hardly talk!!! My pussy was on fire just hearing mom go on and on about Roy's big pecker!!! When I whispered that his cock was eight inches long, she moaned and slipped he hand inside of her nightie an started rubbing her pussy!!! She got this really far away look on her face and begged me to tell her how he tasted when he ejaculated!!! That's when I ask her if she like the taste of sperm!!! Wow, she really moaned loudly and stammered that she loved cum, and then she came real hard!!! When she was done she begged me to take off my panties and masturbate for her!!!

I was pretty embarrassed, but after watching her, I was dripping wet and did what she asked!!! I was diddling my clit right in front of her!!! She started babbling about how both of us were true cock suckers, and how much we loved the taste cum!!! By now my fingers were just flying over my clit, and out of the blue, mom leaned over and offered a hard nipple for me to suck on!!! Now I know why the men love it so, it was incredible!!! I felt so safe and secure with her nipple in my mouth and her caressing my cheek!!! She then started talking to me in baby talk about how much her “little baby” needed to cum, and how much she liked to nurse on a big thick cock!!! Well, that did it, my clit just exploded!!! Even with Roy I never had a cum as good as that one!!! I hadn't even notice, but mom had slipped her hand back into her pussy and came right along with me!!! Remember when you said you had a climax with your mom, well, so did I, but from a lot closer proximity than you did!!!

Well, that was a long letter, but I think it was worth it, see ya, Landri!!!

Dear Landri, And you thought a little bum warming was nuts, you Yanks have hotter pussies than we Brits do!!! Anyway, since that last little episode with Andy, he's been begging to let him shag me!!! I wanted to wait, until I was older, but when ever he has his cock out, I just get the urge to take off my knickers and let him have at it!!! I finally agreed to let him do it, but only if he used a condom!!! He knew I was unshakable on that point, so he didn't even argue with me!!! But when I told him about the other “requirement”, he balked like a finicky horse!!! I told him that if he was gonna shag my pussy, they I got to do his bum hole!!! No way, he said, never!!! But he wanted me so badly, that finally he relented!!! Then he asked who got to go first!!! I just told him we do it at the same time, he shoves it into my puss, and I reach around and ram it into his bum!!! You should have seen the green look on his face!!! Well, since we were both a little nervous, we drank a bottle of wine just to get in the mood!!! Andy was kissing me and feeling me up all over, and when I pulled out his cock he was hard as a stone!!! Slowly he pulled on the condom, and lay me down with my legs spread wide apart!!! He mounted me and carefully put his head inside of my puss, it felt so good!!! He didn't think I'd remember, but I slipped a dildo out of my purse and pushed it against his ass!!! You should have seen his face, pure panic!!! Well, I started moving my hips and he shoved his cock in farther!!! At the same time I pressed the dildo slowly inside of him, which incredibly made his own cock even harder!!! We were both breathing really hard now, and he started stroking in and out of me!!! Jesus was it nice!!! On every one of his strokes I shoved the rubber dick a little farther up his ass, until it was buried deep inside of him!!! We both kinda went onto automatic pilot if you know what I mean!!! He couldn't help himself, and just started ramming my cunt with total abandon, while the thick dildo stayed shoved all the way up his ass!!! I swear when I came I saw stars!!! He grunted and moaned like an animal, both from the pleasure and the pain of it all, we Brits like a little vinegar with our greens!!!

After it was over I told him that if he ever wanted to fuck me he had to take it up his bum at the same time!!! Well, it was a wild week in jolly old England, 'til later, Maggie!!

THE END. Click here to continue .

Hentai: Bleach Gallery Wallpaper Konachan

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