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It was loudly announced on the staff noticeboard that eighty percent of the company’s female staff were now slaves with a bold big letter statement,

Come on Guys, let’s try and make it 100% by Christmas

Christmas was three months away and Tracey wondered what the free girls working for the company thought of that, including her. [Hakujira Uminekodan (Shimuu)] Gochuumon Wa…

Tracey had fallen out with Mrs Chambers recently over something petty and she knew that was the kind of thing she would say and she probably would tell everyone she knew, which was a lot of people, this was getting out of hand, she’d flashed the paper boy, been fucked by the window cleaner and nearly sold to the pizza guy and now her gossipy old neighbour thought she was a slave!

“Oh and she’s invited me to a party she’s having at her place Saturday night, you don’t mind if I go do you?” Emily smiled sweetly, “ apparently practically the whole neighbour hood is going, well the important ones anyway, give me a chance to meet everyone and get to know them, have a good chat.

Hentai: Rogelio from the new She-ra

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