[Chinjao Girl. (Special G)] “Yasashii Dake No Otoko” To Tsuma Ni Sute Raretanode… [Chinese]

Within three days of making the deal
I got my first test paper back find that it was a 90 exactly. I took in my first deep sniff of her feet and I
was blown away, the smell I got when I first pulled off her boots could
never have prepared me for the lustful smell of her foot fully blown.

Hentai: [Chinjao Girl. (Special G)] “Yasashii Dake no Otoko” to Tsuma ni Sute Raretanode… [Chinese]


[チンジャオ娘。 (すぺしゃるじー)]「優しいだけの男」と妻に捨てられたので…[中国翻訳]

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